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The 10th Old Town Beer Festival is a four-day event taking place from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th May 2023 at Christ Church Swindon.


A range of tickets for each of the four days of the event are available:

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You are welcome to take your drinks outside if the weather is fine but please treat the area of the graves with respect.


Your festival glass is a work of art and includes our brand new festival logo.  It is yours to keep and take home with you!  We don’t have many spares so please be careful not to break your limited edition souvenir.


There is no cash on the bars.  We do however exchange tokens for beer, cider, crisps, nuts and soft drinks.  These tokens can be bought in handy £6 (3 drinks) or £12 (6 drinks) sheets from the welcome stall at the entrance throughout the event.  Cash or Card is fine.

1 Token can be used for ½ pint, 1 soft drink or 2 snacks. 2 Tokens for an alcohol-free bottle of beer.

We can also refund left over money on vouchers (unless you decide to donate it).

Food outlets take payment by cash and card.  Drinks tokens cannot be redeemed from the food outlets.


The popular ‘Food for Thought’ will be here on both Friday and Saturday of the festival selling their Fish and Chip shop range plus their amazing quarter and half pound burgers, as well as veggie and vegan options.  Look out for their pork baps this year too.

Glamorose will be serving a delicious selection of their wonderful cupcakes and tiffins.

Ray’s Ice Cream will be tempting us with their beer-flavoured ice cream and cider sorbet.

Friends of Christ Church will have a selection of fresh rolls and toasties available to purchase.

Non-alcohol beer – For the first time this year we will be serving up ‘Clear Head’ alcohol-free beer from the Bristol Beer Factory.


Have you found a beer that you really liked?  Why not take it home?

Available to buy in 2, 3 or 4 pints.


There are men’s ‘Porta Loos’ outside to the left of the church as you exit from the front entrance.  There are also men’s, women’s and disabled toilets to use in the Community Centre.


It is illegal to smoke inside, please refrain from doing so. Please also refrain from using Vaporizers inside the building.  Smoking bins will be provided outside.


Ticket Info Here

We hope you will join us for this special tenth anniversary celebration and hope you have a great time!