Beers (2015)

The following is the list of beers that are anticipated to be available in the 2015 festival. A PDF of the list can be downloaded here: 2015 Beer List

Please note: this list is not final and is subject to change.

Beer NameBrewery% ABVStyleDescription
Pacific Ale360 Brewing Company (East Sussex)4.9PaleFull of hops from the USA and Australia. This is a chestnut-coloured, modern pale ale with fruit and floral flavours and crisp bitterness.
West Coast360 Brewing Company (East Sussex)5.0IPAUsing solely American hops, a contemporary Pale Ale, heavily hopped to produce intense tropical fruit flavours and a long bitter finish.
CosmicBlackhole Brewery (Staffordshire)4.2AmberCosmic has an amber glow with an initial malt aroma. The complex balance of malt and English hops give lingering tastes of nuts, fruit and a dry hoppy bitterness.
Milky WayBlackhole Brewery (Staffordshire)6.0WheatA pale wheat beer. Honey and banana nose advises the sweet taste but not the sweet, dry spicy finish from this wheat beer.
Tunnel VisionBox Steam Brewery (Wiltshire)4.2AmberWell rounded traditional bitter beer. Clean tasting with a slight bitterness on the palate. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.
Ballot BoxBox Steam Brewery (Wiltshire)4.2GoldenThis is a new beer from Box Steam Brewery, so new that they haven’t provided a description and we haven’t had the chance to taste it. But based upon their other beers I’m sure it’ll be suitably tasty!
BleddynThe Celt Experience (Caerphilly)5.6IPAA commanding IPA balancing bitterness, sweetness and a grapefruit finish. An IPA to preside with you and your friends at the dinner table. King Bleddyn, most merciful of all welsh kings lived and ruled until 1075 and the number of our original gravity.
SiluresThe Celt Experience (Caerphilly)4.6PalePowerfully hopped with sweet malt and a depth of tropical fruit. Tribal vistas where all is conquered. Silures were a powerful Celtic tribe from today’s South Wales stood tall against Roman invasion.
Dark AgeThe Celt Experience (Caerphilly)4.0MildElegant smooth chocolate and a caramel body with a spice finish. Inspired by the tranquility of the myths of Avalon.
Southern BitterCottage Brewery (Somerset)3.7CopperThis award winning session bitter is full bodied with a distinctive hop aroma and finish. Light copper in colour and easy drinking. Named after the Southern Railway and was the Champion Standard Bitter at the 13th SIBA Maltings Beer Festival.
Gold RushCottage Brewery (Somerset)5.0GoldenSupreme Champion Beer at the 13th SIBA Maltings Beer Festival. A deep golden premium ale. Hopped with Cascade. Goldrush is a well balanced ale. The aromas are distinctive and vibrant. A stunning ale.
Blackwater MildCrouch Vale Brewery (Essex)3.7MildSmooth and malty dark mild for drinking in quantity! Fruity and full.
Brewers GoldCrouch Vale Brewery (Essex)4.0GoldenSupreme Champion Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival 2005 AND 2006, this is a pale, refreshing and hoppy beer with gorgeous aromas of tropical fruits.
AmarilloCrouch Vale Brewery (Esssex)5.0GoldenA superb premium golden ale with wonderful aroma and a lasting spicy flavour.
Flashmans CloutDorset Brewing Company (Dorset)4.5CopperRichly flavoured copper ale with plum and cinder toffee notes & a refreshing citrus finish.
Durdle DoorDorset Brewing Company (Dorset)5.0CopperRusty full bodied ale with a caramel flavour and hints of marmalade on the nose.
StormstayHanlons (Devon)5.0AmberA strong amber ale, surprisingly smooth with hints of toffee and citrus.
Bitter & TwistedHarviestoun (Clackmannanshire)4.2GoldenHaving won Supreme Champion Beer of Britain & the World’s Best Ale, this is a firm favourite all over the place. Complex, rounded, sweet and dry, a superbly-balanced beer. It has a malty-sweet aroma with a floral, fruity hoppiness and a zingy, zesty flavour.
Black CatMoorhouses Brewery (Lancashire)3.4RubyDark, refreshing beer with a distinct chocolate malt flavour and smooth hoppy finish.
Pride of PendleMoorhouses Brewery (Lancashire)4.1GoldenAn exceptionally fine balance of malt and hops give the beer a long dry and extremely satisfying taste.
BlondeMoorhouses Brewery (Lancashire)4.5BlondeMoorhouse’s first ever Blond Ale. This beer is as light as you can get, with a zesty fruit taste and hint of gooseberry on the nose.
30.4RCH Brewery (Somerset)4.5GoldenA golden bitter with floral citric hop aroma. It has a hoppy predominate taste which is slightly sweet and fruity and leaves you wanting more.
East Street CreamRCH Brewery (Somerset)5.0ChestnutFirst brewed to celebrate the 500th guest beer at the Dartmouth Inn, Newton Abbot, and was named by a customer in a competition. It went down so well that it has become a regular beer. This enigmatic full bodied beer with malty hoppy fruit bitter with a sweet taste which all vie for dominance in this complex and well crafted premium chestnut coloured ale.
Session BeerSpitting Feathers (Cheshire)3.6GoldenA golden session bitter. Traditional English malts and hops combine to make this a well balanced and satisfying beer.
Special AleSpitting Feathers (Cheshire)4.2ChestnutA malty, chestnut brown beer. The full malt taste balances well with hop bitterness and fruit flavours.
Old WavertonianSpitting Feathers (Cheshire)4.4StoutA robust dark stout. Roast barley, chocolate and coffee flavours give a very full body and a smooth lingering finish.
Barbury CastleThree Castles Brewery (Wiltshire)3.9BlondBalanced, easy drinking pale ale with a wonderful aroma and a hoppy finish.
Heritage AleThree Castles Brewery (Wiltshire)4.2ChestnutThis is a smooth chestnut bitter, with a deeply satisfying malty base. Perfect for drinking in a refreshing pint after a hard day’s work.
Corn DollyThree Castles Brewery (Wiltshire)4.7PaleHoney Coloured, easy drinking. Slightly Floral, delicate aroma with a unique blend of lager & malt hops.
Midnight SunWilliams Bros Brewing (Clackmannanshire)5.6PorterOur spiced porter, pours as black as the Midnight Sun and is created from a blend of malted barley, oats, roast barley, chocolate malt then balanced with a generous helping of hops. An after bite of fresh root ginger elevates this ale to another level. The flavours are as paradoxical as the name.
FraochWilliams Bros Brewing (Clackmannanshire)5.0GoldenThe Original Craft Beer; brewed in Scotland since 2000 B.C. The Brotherhood have been guardians of the ancient Gaelic recipe for "leann fraoich" (heather ale) since 1988 and are proud to be the only brewery still producing this unique style of beer and distributing it world wide. A light amber ale with floral peaty aroma, full malt character, and a spicy herbal finish - This beer allows you to literally pour 4000 years of Scottish history into a glass.