Charities supported by this year’s Old Town Beer and Cider Festival

As well as the Old Town Beer and Cider Festival being Christ Church’s biggest fundraiser of the year, which provides essential funds so that we can continue to provide valuable services to the local community, we also like to share the love and support two other local charities every year.
Find out more about why we run a beer festival in our church HERE
This year, we are supporting the following two local charities:


Did you know that only 6% of adults with Special Needs are paid for the work they perform. We think that’s wrong. Hjälpande Händer (Helping Hands in Swedish) was setup in 2018 as a non-profit charity based in Swindon run by volunteers. It gives young adults with special needs the chance to get paid work operating a mobile catering trailer. We involve the young adults in all aspects of the business and at the same time hope they will have fun and enjoy the atmosphere of the various events. We also operate the kiosk at Stanton Country Park on weekends.
For more information, visit their website at
You can email them at
or call on 07910 800004
They are also active on the major social media platforms; follow them at: @hhandercatering



Grief support for children & young people in Swindon & Wiltshire

Our Mission…
At Wiltshire Treehouse, we believe every child and young person should have access to support during their grieving process. We enable those in our local communities to improve the coping strategies, skills and confidence needed to better manage daily life.


Our Services…

Advice & Information – Supporting parents & carers over the phone, email or video call.
Family Programme – For 6-11 years, group support for the family to meet other bereaved families and express their thoughts and feeling in a safe, supportive environment.
NEST – Our young people’s programme, specially designed and using creativity to explore emotions and coping strategies.
Support & Training for Professionals – Advice, guidance and training to help professionals working with children and young people meet their needs during the bereavement.

Find out more about Wiltshire Treehouse at:
01793 987105

Find out more about why we run a beer festival in our church HERE