Ciders (2018)

The following is the list of ciders that are available in the 2018 festival. A PDF of the list can be downloaded here: cider2018

Cider NameBreweryABVDescription
Big AppleAshridge Cider0.055Bursting with apply Flavours. sweetened with our own dessert apple juice.
Malvern GoldAston Manor Knights0.06Award winning golden amber, Medium Dry reserve cider.
MangoBroadoak0.04An indulgent rich and fruity blend of our Somerset cider and Indian mango imparting a finely balanced medium Sweet taste with an invitingly fragrant aroma
StrawberryBroadoak0.04a delicious blend of our cider with strawberries imparting a uniquely delicate balanced taste of summer
PerryBroadoak0.075sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh tasting pear flavour and a wonderful pear aroma.
Kingston BlackBroadoak0.075A dry full bodied copper coloured cider made from West Country apples including the famous Kingston Black
Sloe GinBroadoak0.04the marrying of these three flavours sloe, gin and cider
Rum & RaisinBroadoak0.04Moonshine premium cider has been infused with rum and raisin invoking the flavours of the warm and sunny West Indies' A classy cider and very drinkable
Pheasant PluckerBroadoak0.045A traditional cloudy Somerset dry cider with a full bodied flavour obtained from handpicked bitter sweet west country apples
MoonshineBroadoak0.075Moonshine crisp premium cider 7.5% Strong and very drinkable with a crisp refreshing taste & little evidence of alcoholic content.
Old BristolianBroadoak0.075a strong medium cider packed full of flavour
Crimson KingBroadoak0.06Fruity plum coloured medium cider with an apple aroma
CloudyCeltic Marches0.045A cloudy cider blended from a variety of cider apples - good depth of flavour - crisp slightly sweet apple finish
Crackling RosieCeltic Marches0.045Made from pressed pear juice. It is a medium Perry and the taste is fine and delicate, it is light in colour with a very slight green hue.
Cuckoo PennyCeltic Marches0.04Yorkshire Triangle Timperley Rhubarb Juice combined with Herefordshire Cider to produce a taste of the English Countryside. A medium cider with the subtle tart of rhubarb juice.
Loubi LouCeltic Marches0.04Herefordshire Cider liberally imparted with Pomegranate and Rose – the orchard and the garden to give a quintessential taste of the English summer.
Ruby TuesdayCeltic Marches0.04A 100% Herefordshire Cider liberally imparted with British Raspberry Juice – gorgeous colour and a wonderful taste of fresh raspberries and cider – lovely aroma of crushed raspberries and apples on the nose.
Slack AliceCeltic Marches0.046A medium, well rounded yet a little tart, 4.6% cider drier than Thundering Molly, still mellow with a very slight tart finish.
Thundering MollyCeltic Marches0.052A well-rounded medium cider. Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma.  Gorgeous golden colour and a well-balanced finish.
Tutti FruitiCeltic Marches0.04Herefordshire Cider liberally imparted with Cherry and Pineapple - exotic flavours to provide an unique tropical twist to Craft Cider.
DabinettDorset Nectar0.058Dabinett single variety with natural bitter sweet and intriguing velvety aftertaste and delicious, perfect for afternoons in the garden.
Top O' the HillDorset Nectar0.05Top O the Hill, a spectacular cider, Crisp, rich with a good nose and excellent spirit. Bronze at British Champion Organic Cider competitions 2017
Game CockGwatkin0.045Your only instinct is to try the plucky sweet cider, that mates well with the game of the land.
Squeal PigGwatkin0.045The name Squeal Pig comes from an old Herefordian term used in taverns, they requested a pint of "squeal"
Red RabbitLilleys0.06Red rabbit is a rich and fruity rustic cider bursting with apple flavour. cloudy and medium dry.
Apples & PearsLilleys0.052Made from 88% pear 12% apple sweet in flavour with a mouth watering almost exotic taste.
Pickled ParrotLilleys0.06This traditional perry is naturally cloudy and full of flavour. it is of medium sweetness with just a hint of acidity, making it a gloriously smooth and well balanced perry.
ColiderLilleys0.04A collision between our crisp somerset cider and our own premium cola. smooth and refreshing with hints of caramel. contains caffeine.
Very PerrySnailsbank0.051A fruity medium Perry with a complex yet balanced flavor only found in real Perry. This little number is made from Stinking Bishop Perry pears and has all the hall marks of a top quality Perry. Very Perry was recently awarded Bronze in the CAMRA National
EquinoxMr Whitehead0.045Light and easy drinking, Equinox is a thirst quenching summer tipple. Sitting comfortably in our range as a Medium cider, it has both dry and sweet qualities, coupled with a strength that makes it an excellent session cider.