Beers (2017)

You can download this years here Beers 2017

The following is the list of beers that are anticipated to be available in the 2017 festival.

Please note: this list is not final and is subject to change due to availability

Beer nameBreweryAbvStyleDescription
Hoperation IPAArkells4.20%GoldenWe’ve blended English and American hops to create a powerful, hop flavour in this pale ale, with oats and wheat in the grist to provide a smooth rounded finish.
SchoonerBlack Dog4.20%GoldenGolden coloured with a hoppy, but mainly sweetened fruity character.
Ngaru NuiBlack Iris6.00%Super hoppy IPAA "Big Wave", big hitting IPA brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops
Snake eyesBlack Iris3.80%PaleGrapefruit, orange, citrus aromas and flavours, good malt balance. Dry and drinkable. Fruity finish. Biscuit malt character
Chocolate Amarillo GorillaBlue Monkey4.90%StoutAn award winning complex & malty stout with a rich chocolate aroma & flavours
Monkey PuzzleBlue Monkey4.20%PalePale ale brewed with delightful mosaic hops
BrakspearWychwood3.40%AmberAmber in colour with a good fruit, hop, and malt nose. The initial taste of malt and well-hopped bitterness dissolves into a bitter-sweet and fruity finish.
BlueBull Brewery5.00%Browndeep ruby in colour with a gentle warming fruity aroma.
OrangeBull Brewery5.10%Goldenfittingly strong and brash, unleashing full hoppy flavour.
Ruby 1874 MildBushys3.50%Deep RedAn authentic 100% malt brewed mild with a fine aroma of crystal malt and fuggles and challenger hops. Deep red in colour, the flavour is well balanced creating a popular session beer.
Old Bushy TailBushys4.50%Reddish BrownAn appealing reddish brown beer with a pronounced hop and malt aroma, the malt tending towards treacle. Slightly sweet and malty on the palate, with distinct orangey tones.
Trade WindsCairngorm4.30%GoldenLight golden in colour, with a high proportion of wheat giving the beer a clean fresh taste.
Wild CatCairngorm5.10%AmberA smooth, deep amber coloured ale with a complex malt, fruit and hop flavour.
Bybrook BitterCastle Coombe3.50%Golden BrownAn easy-drinking beer, smooth and balanced. Golden brown with a hint of sweetness and a mildly spicy aroma.
CircuitCastle Coombe4.40%ChestnutA rich chestnut classic premium ale. A complex combination of malts and a gentle hop mix (Challenger/Fuggles/East Kent Golding's) gives rise to a beer full of body featuring treacle and chocolate undertones and a soft bitter finish.
Doing LittleCastle Coombe4.10%ToffeeEnglish best bitter. Toffee coloured and hoppy. Initial biscuit sweetness from the Maris Otter/Crystal malt mix gives in to a long, dry, fruity finish
Henry NormalCastle Rock4.20%GoldenHenry Normal’s namesake beer is understated and subtle with hints of dark fruit and spice
PreservationCastle Rock4.40%Red-brownPreservation is a mid-brown/reddish easy drinking full flavoured best bitter. Well rounded with some residual sweetness and balanced with a resinous hop character
Cornish CascadeCoastal5.00%GoldenA rich, fruity, golden ale with a bittersweet finish. Packed with American Cascade hops.
ErosionCoastal7.50%DarkA memorable strong ale with complex roast malt and hop flavours??and a moreish smack. A warming, dark old ale.
GoldCorinium4.20%GoldenA refreshing deep golden ale with a mellow blend of malts & hops and a soft bitter finish.
Ale Caesar IPACorinium5.00%IPAA stimulating and well-hopped IPA, with tropical fruit aromas, balanced with a pleasing bitterness.
ElderflowerCorinium3.80%PaleA light & refreshing pale ale with Citra hops and a delicate dose of elderflowers.
Marshall Port StoutDerwent5.70%RubyNamed after Silloth’s tidal dock , with an addition of half a bottle of fine ruby port to each 9 gallon firkin.
Parsons PledgeDerwent4.00%AmberA complex recipe producing a golden amber bitter, with a delicate caramel, biscuit body.
Honey BlondeDownton4.30%StrawA golden straw coloured bitter. A superb blend of spicy and floral hops, added to the smooth sweetness imparted by Flaked Maize and Mexican honey
Choc Orange DelightDownton5.80%StoutA speciality old ale that speaks for itself. Pronounced chocolate flavours and a pleasant orange addition combine perfectly in this delightfully different offering
Elder QuadDownton4.00%PaleA pale generously hopped session beer. Hints of sweetness, and a subtle elderflower aroma, provide a terrific balance to the hops. A real thirst-quencher!
Lady RubyGrafton4.50%RubyA ruby coloured ale. Fruity on the nose. An initial bitterness on the palate which then leads to a cherry explosion on the back of the tongue.
MarmaladyGrafton4.80%GoldenA deep golden coloured ale brewed with Northdown hops and then?marmalade is infused with ale to give this beer its flavour.
CitraHopback4.00%GoldenBrewed with English Pioneer and American Citra hops, this golden thirst-quenching ale has a lemony, grape-fruity aftertaste with a crisp dry bitterness, making your taste buds yearn for more.
TaiphoonHopback4.20%GoldenA fantastic pale gold beer with hints of Lemongrass and coriander.
Summer LightningHopback5.00%StrawAn extremely pleasant bitter, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. This, coupled with an intense bitterness, leads to an excellent long, dry finish.
Via Ferrata AleJennings4.00%AmberFull bodied malty beer with a dry biscuit finish and a spicy blackcurrant hop flavour will have you hooked all the way.
Slumbering MonkJoules4.50%AmberOur premium beer, full bodied with malty and nutty fullness, hints of caramel giving it a round, soft, satisfying smoothness.
MarionLincoln Green3.80%PaleFull bodied pale ale with citrus aromas and a hint of grapefruit
HoodLincoln Green4.20%BitterHeroic Best Bitter in a classic English style with a rounded malt profile and hop finish
Elmo's FireMoles4.40%PaleMedium bodied pale ale. Refreshingly bitter with a fruity spicy aroma from the willamette hops, balanced by the maris otter malted barley leaving a long bitter finish.
Blinding LightProspect4.20%PaleAn award winning?pale?refreshing beer with?citrus?and?spicy?notes alongside a?light, refreshing?taste.
Pophams PrideRamsbury3.60%AmberWe crafted this amazing amber coloured ale using traditionally malted optic spring barley from our estate, and Golding hops for a smooth, delicate aroma and flavour.
Flint KnapperRamsbury4.20%Amber A select blend of pale ale and chocolate malt – and our use of Goldings hops – have given this smooth ale a rich amber colour and a taste with malty overtones.
Sun SplashRamsbury4.00%Golden?full of citrus flavours, fruity on the nose with a bitter finish.
Good Old BoyRenegade4.00%Amber Good Old Boy is brewed with a blend of rich Maris Otter malted barley and fruity Bramling Cross and Northdown hops to produce an exceptionally well-balanced and full-flavoured beer
Red BoarRingwood3.90%RedRingwood's first red ale. A pronounced bitterness, complemented by subtle roasted malt undertones make this a well-rounded quaffable beer. Best enjoyed with a rack of ribs.
Hopper PotterScribblers4.20%GoldenA lovely light coloured ale with with the citrus aromas of  Cascade and Australian Galaxy hops
Masher in the ryeScribblers4.80%American paleA golden coloured American style craft ale made with a dash of Rye malt. Delicate subtle  aromas from Mt Hood and Stryian hops
Lordships OwnShugborough5.00%Ruby RedRich and smooth the complexities of a fine Christmas Pudding, ruby red in colour, fierce spicy hops and mellow roast barely, finished with a dry and comforting palette.
BarburyThree castles3.90%Pale?Balanced, easy drinking pale ale with a wonderful aroma and a hoppy finish.
Lupolo GoldThree Castles4.70%Golden?Honey Coloured, easy drinking. Slightly Floral, delicate aroma with a unique blend of lager & malt hops.
Spring DazeThree Castles4.10%Blonde?A blonde beer with stacks of ripe juicy flavours releasing a vibrant fruity aroma, giving a fine dry finish.
SaxonThree castles4.00%Brown?A Brown coloured session ale with a wonderful aroma and a hoppy, fruity palate.
GauchoTwisted4.60%RubyA ruby bitter produced with a quadruple malt combination??and??seasoned with some classic English??hops that provide??the balance. The aroma is of soft fruits and coffee, a hint of chocolate - a long finish on the palate.
PirateTwisted4.20%CopperA classic English best bitter,??pale copper coloured with an aroma of roasted malt and coffee. A smooth flavour with undertones of nutty fruitcake - delicious.
ConscriptTwisted4.20%GoldenA golden coloured ale made with a single malt. The hop combination produces a soft fruit aroma with floral notes.
Monument BitterTyne Bank4.10%Coppercopper coloured bitter. The carefully selected malt bill provides hints of caramel, which are perfectly balanced with the best English hops, giving notes of berry fruits.
Silver DollarTyne Bank4.90%AmberThis 4.9% ale features a glowing amber colour, robust malt base and west coast American hops.?
Red FeatherWelbeck Abbey Brewery3.90%AmberRed Feather is a robust auburn ale. Plenty of crystal malt gives this beer a rich colour and combination of bold walnut and bitter-sweet caramel flavours
KaiserWelbeck Abbey Brewery4.40%PaleKaiser uses premium German lager hops which give this extra pale beer it’s biscuity-sweet but refreshingly herbaceous flavour
Hobgoblin GoldWychwood4.20%GoldenHobgoblin Gold is the latest beer carrying the little fella’s moniker, and while Gold might be lighter in colour, it’s definitely no lightweight.