Ciders 2024

Here is the list of the 30 ciders you can expect to see at our 2024 11th Old Town Beer Festival!

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Please note these are subject to change and final confirmation dependant on availability. 

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You can view the 2024 Cider Pump Clips Gallery below the table.

BreweryCider nameTypeABVTasting Notes
Barbourne CiderPainted lady perryPerry5Medium sweet with some pleasant citrus notes
BroadoakBristol PortMedium dry4.5Medium dry red apple cider with a slight cloud
BroadoakMoonshineMedium7.5medium crisp refreshing premium strong cider that defies ABV!
BroadoakChilli & PearPerry4Sweet perry with a subtle chilli bite
Burrow HillBurrow Hill (medium)Medium6Medium champion cider
Chant's ciderBadgers SpitDry7.5Dry traditional natural cloudy hazy gold well-balanced with tart finish
Chant's ciderSinging ciderMedium7.5Medium cloudy cider from a variety of apples giving full-bodied fruity taste
Cockeyed cider Monkey Mango Fruit4Fermented mainly from dessert fruit blended with traditional mango
Cockeyed cider CockbirdSweet5Sweet clear cider with a full apple flavour
Dudda's TunSalted CaramelFruit4Sweet sumptuous blend of caramel with a hint of salt to soften the acidity
Farmer Jim's cider Grape escapeFruit4Medium Devon cider blended with grape juice
Farmer Jim's cider Strawberry & KiwiFruit4Medium cider with sweet juicy strawberries blended with tart kiwi juice
Farmer Jim's cider Copper TopMedium dry7.4Medium dry rich deep copper cider full of flavour
HalletsNational TreasureSweet5Sweet cider from traditional and natural keeving method
Hunts ciderRaspberryFruit3.8Sweet raspberry flavoured cider 'mind - t'will give 'ee a red head'
Hunts ciderHazy DazySweet4.5Sweet classic handcrafted cloudy - perfect after a day's work in the fields
Hunts ciderBarn ScreecherDry6.2Dry traditional farmhouse named after the noise of the hunting barn owls
Hunts ciderWobblerMedium6Medium traditional farmhouse - 'Squire's bin on the Wobbler'
Newton Court Panting Partridge PerryPerry5.3Medium with a juicy pear finish from Herefordshire perry pears
Newton Court First PressMedium sweet4.8Medium sweet light tannin free made from dessert apples with crisp dry finish
Sandford OrchardsThe GeneralDry8.4Dry aged in 100 yr old oak vat - tribute to legendary Sir Revers Buller
Seacider White peachFruit4Medium cider blended with white peaches for a fruity and refreshing drink
Seacider BlueberryFruit4Medium cider blended with blueberries for a fruity and refreshing drink
Seacider Bakewell tartFruit4Sweet cider with notes of cherry and almonds (contains almonds)
Seacider HardcoreDry6.8Full bodied dry cider with complex punchy apple aroma
Seacider Medium dryMedium dry5.8Fruity flourish gives way to a dry but refreshing backbone
Sheppy'sLow alcoholLow alcohol0.5Beautifully light crisp low alcohol cider - plenty of refreshing apple flavour
Tricky ciderWizardMedium6.5Medium rich high tannin smooth blend of Michelin, Dabinet and Yarlington
Twisted ciderBubblegumFruit3.4Sweet retro cider really tasting of bubble gum!
Twisted ciderDandelion & BurdockFruit3.4Sweet farmhouse - rich fruity full apple taste
Twisted ciderObserverMedium4.5Medium farmhouse light bodied fruity taste

Cider Pump Clip Gallery 2024