Ciders 2023

Here is the list of ciders you can expect to see at our 2023 10th Old Town Beer Festival!

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Please note these are subject to change and final confirmation dependant on availability. 

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BreweryCider nameTypeABVTasting Notes
Aston ManorFriels VintageMedium Dry5.50%Award winning pale gold, refreshingly fruity Medium Dry vintage cider.
Aston ManorKings Apple Cider Medium Dry6.00%Help customers celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III with a refreshing, medium dry, easy drinking cider. Made exclusively from English eating apples and 100% fresh juice.
Celtic MarchesKings Tipple Medium4.50%Bursting with fresh pressed traditional Herefordshire cider apples, this delicious golden drop has a delicate, clean, and noble palate that’s enjoyed across the Kingdom. Grown on one of Herefordshire’s finest orchard estates where, each harvest, the bountiful crops receive the royal treatment and they are transformed into a glistening craft cider, fit for the King!
Celtic MarchesLily the Pink Sweet4.50%Fruity medium sweet cider with a gorgeous delicate hue. Lily has an intense fruity nose and is gently sweet on the palate; a subtle balance of fresh cider apples, candy apple sweetness and light body makes for a very easy drinking and quaffable cider
CotswoldVoodoo Pulp Dry4.70%In honour of nature’s voodoo wizardry. Converting pulped-up bittersweet apple sugars to dry, golden nectar. The alchemy of fermentation beguiles our senses perfectly represented by this dry, cloudy, tannic real cider. Dry, cloudy, magic.
CotswoldYellowhammer Medium6.00%A full tannin, cloudy, medium cider. Full of bittersweet goodness with a finish that keeps on giving.
Dudda's TunBone Dry Dry5.50%A clean, crisp and full-dry cider. Made from Katy & Bramley apples – refreshing to the end!
Gwynt Y DdraigTwo Trees Pear4.50%A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate. This medium perry was crowned 2015 Champion Perry of Britain.
Gwynt Y DdraigAncient WarriorDry6.50%This warrior of a drink is a traditional dry cider which will challenge your taste buds to battle and win every time.
Gwynt Y DdraigHaymakerMedium6.50%A fruity medium cider bursting with the flavour of apples. A true farmhouse cider with a smooth finish
Gwynt Y DdraigCeltic Warrior Sweet5.50%This warrior of a cider is sweet but mighty on flavour. The result is a cider with a full depth of colour and a matured flavour with a smooth, balanced finish.
Harry's CiderHarry’s ScrummageMedium6.00%A golden medium cider, with a well balanced fruity flavour. An easy drinking smooth cider that keeps you coming back for more.
LilleysColider Fruit4.00%This is a fantastic collision between our crisp Somerset cider and our very own premium cola. It’s smooth and very refreshing with hints of caramel complementing it’s well balanced flavour. Contains caffeine
LilleysTropical Fruit4.00%We have blended our Somerset cider with an explosion of tropical fruits. Pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango and lime all combine to make this a succulent thirst quencher. Perfect for drinking on the beach and making you feel closer to the Caribbean with every sip
LilleysMango Fruit4.00%An aromatic sweet cider expertly blended with exotic mango to create a mouth watering tropical flavour.
Merry MonkOdd PearPear5.20%Apple and pear blended together to make a awesome pair. Beautiful balanced with loads of body. Crystal clear and fruity guaranteed to sweep you off your feet but best of all goes down a, treat
Merry MonkTucks TippleMedium4.70%This scrumptious premium medium cider is rich in fruity aromas and ripe apple flavours. A blend of bitter sweet and desert windfall apples carefully selected for their delicious mellow taste best before a long sleep
Merry MonkMerry Monk Sweet4.00%Apples are red and ripe falling in the evening sun whilst Rhubarb sprouts through old chimney pots. Discarded behind the chicken pen. Sweet but tart for all to enjoy even if your 91.
PulpSloe Gin Fruit4.00%This awesome autumn fruit is a favourite at Pulp HQ. Its plummy profile gives gin a bold flavour and boastfully boosts our crafty cider. Take a refreshingly cool sip in the sun or warm this little treat up in winter for a mega mulled cider!
PulpRhubarb & Strawberry Fruit4.00%Mustn’t grumble, we love a bit of crumble! A cider twist on a classic dessert, fresh rhubarb juice and the sweet, crushed strawberries blend exceptionally. You’ll be asking for more of this humble pie
Rich's CiderFarmhouse Cider Dry6.00%Rich’s Traditional draught ciders are made with Somerset Bittersweet/Bittersharp apples, matured in oak vats giving it a well balanced, cloudy cider with a fresh apple aroma.
SandfordCider GingerFruit4.00%Fresh pressed ginger root and the finest Devon cider creates this wonderfully versatile blend. Zinging and refreshing, a great food pairing for spicy dishes, and an outstanding cocktail ingredient
SandfordRib Tickler Medium5.00%Fresh apple cider crushed by rugby players. Rich aromas of honey and baked apple, ripe and battery on the palate, with a moreish apple skin flavour, balanced with a crisp natural acidity
SandfordThe GeneralMedium Dry8.40%The General is the name of Sandfords might, oak vat in which only their best vintage ciders are aged. It is bold and satisfying with notes of Seville orange, plum and baked apple, rich and rewarding with a long, warming finish
SandfordHangy Downs Sweet5.50%Crafted from traditional Devon apples including Hangy Downs! Delicious baked apple and butterscotch flavours with a rich cider finish.
SnailsbankBiscoff Fruit4.00%Crisp, Rich and aromatic with caramelized sweetness and a malt biscuit finish
SnailsbankBlack Forrest Fruit4.00%Medium Cider blended with sour black cherry sweet vanilla and subtle hints of chocolate.
SnailsbankBanoffee PieFruit4.00%Apple cider rippled through with luscious toffee, sweet banana and vanilla
SnailsbankVery Perry Pear5.10%A fruity medium perry with complex yet balanced flavour only found in real perry. Made from Stinking Bishop perry pears making a top quality perry. Very Perry was recently awarded Bronze in the CAMRA National Perry Awards.